Tiles: The size that fit the best

Tiles: The size that fit the best

June 21, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

When choosing the size of the tiles, there are often misunderstandings about which size is best for the space that will be tiled. It is often thought that a small toilet or bathroom can only accommodate small sizes of tiles, such as 30×30 and 45×45. But it is also believed that a large-sized tile always makes a room bigger. These two and more assumptions are not always correct and perhaps more importantly, often incorrect. 

A frequently asked question is, what size tile is best for my space? That is really impossible to answer without a good drawing of the space. The best size for a room depends on the size of the room. Large size can fit well in a small space, when convenient. An example of a large format that works best in a small space is often the 60×60 format in a small toilet. Often toilets are 1 m by 1.20. People often think that 30×30 or 45×45 are best in the toilet, but in this room, it is really better to use a 60×60 format because only 10 cm on the long side has to be cut, the large tiles the toilet a spacious sight.

Below we will try to indicate per room what should be taken into account in order to determine the best size for a room. Each room has different properties that should be taken into account when choosing the size of tiles. However, the most important thing, regardless of the space, is that as many ‘whole’ tiles as possible can be seen and that as little cutting as possible should be done. 

An example of this is placing 120×120 tiles in a 180×180 bathroom. If you wrongly assume that a larger format always makes a room appear larger, then the choice for 120×120 seems a good choice. But if you only see one whole tile in your bathroom, with a lot of cutting pieces, then it was not the right choice. In this case, the 90×90 or 60×60 format would have been a much better choice.
Would you like to know which tile format suits your space best? Then take a drawing of the room with you to our showroom, so that our advisors can help you choose the right size.

What size do tiles fit best in my bathroom?

When choosing the right-sized tiles for the bathroom, customers often prefer large-sized tiles. The reason we often hear is the number of joints. Often the maintenance of joints is a big reason to take a large format tile, but this does not have to be a reason. Today the joints are narrower and of better quality than before, which means that maintenance is minimal. Leaving aside the joints, water drainage and dimensions are the most important factors for the right size of tiles in the bathroom. 

Firstly, the water drainage is important, is there still a well or is the drainage via a tile drain? When using a well, a tiler will prefer to use a size up to 30×30. Would you rather use a larger format? Then that can be solved by using 5×5 mosaic tiles from the floor tile in the shower area, and tiling the rest of the room with 60×60. When using a tiled drain, the choice of format is free.

Bathrooms come in all sizes, from about three m2 to sometimes more than twenty m2. The length of the walls determines the dimensions. With dimensions from 90cm to 120 cm, the 60×60 format is often the best choice. From sizes from 120 to 135, the 45×45 format can be a good choice. With dimensions from 135 to 180, the 60×60 is often the right choice. 

However, with dimensions of almost 180 cm, the 90×90 or the 45×45 can also be a good choice. From 180 cm to 300 cm, the 60×60 is often the right choice. Above 300 cm, both 90×90 and 60×60 can be a good choice. Here, however, we have assumed square space without further obstacles in the bathroom. If you have a wall next to the shower room, the choice can be completely different. That is why it is always important to come to our showroom with a drawing of the bathroom so that we can immediately determine the correct format. Tiles are often available in many sizes and your choice of tile is often placed in the right size in the bathroom.

Which size tiles fit best in my living room?

The dimensions of living rooms are of course very different, but in a rectangular living room, the width of the living room is the most important for the size of the floor tiles. With a width of up to 360 cm, 60×60 is the best choice, above that, you can also choose 90×90. With a width of approximately 6 meters, 120×120 can also be chosen. However, the larger the dimensions of the tiles, the more important it is that the tiles fit well. At 610 cm, a 120×120 will not fit well, but again at 590. 

In addition, it is important to know whether the floor tiles continue into other rooms, such as a kitchen, hallway, or toilet. In the more rooms the tiles run through, the smaller size is often better. In new-build homes, however, 90×90 is often quite possible, you just have to look closely at how the tiles are distributed. How you start, with a cut piece or an entire tile, can be very important on the other side of the room. We can of course always advise you on this. Therefore always take a drawing of the living room and any adjacent room with you when you come to select floor tiles for the living room.

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