Importance of the Technical Inspection Buildings

Importance of the Technical Inspection Buildings

March 5, 2020 Off By Rachel Harris

What is a Technical Building Inspection?

The Technical Inspection Buildings or ITE is a review that is carried out to the real estate in a thorough and thorough way. Their results are reflected in a document, which is a detailed report of the state of the building in general.

This must contain:

  • Existing deficiencies or that may occur in common elements.
  • Qualification of each of the deficiencies.
  • Time periods to repair affected items.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • Evaluation of basic conditions of accessibility to the building.
  • General characteristics of the infrastructure.
  • Final qualification of the general state of the building.

All these indicators must be found in the report to be considered quality. In addition, it is necessary that they be explained to the owners and tenants so that they have knowledge and understand any problems that have been discovered.

Technical Inspection Buildings

Who should perform an ITE?

The Technical Building Inspection does not have an official registry of authorized personnel. Only it must be done by an architect, technical architect or rigging. However, the Energy Efficiency Certificate can be issued by engineers, technical engineers or qualified technicians.

This, in order to guarantee efficient results during the Technical Inspection Buildings. In addition, there are some basic requirements that must be met when someone intends to prepare this Technical Inspection Buildings.

Therefore, an annex to the responsible statement must be included in the document. Where it is expressed that the entity or person meets the requirements that are required to be an infrastructure inspector, to perform an

Importance of the Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE)

Technical Inspection Buildings

Performing a correct Technical Inspection Buildings is a requirement of several laws. Such as, the Building Planning Law (LOE), Basque Law 2/2006 of June 30 on Land and Urban Planning, State Law 8/2013 of June 26 on Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renovation.

This Technical Inspection Buildings is of great importance for the citizens and the conditions of the structures. Therefore it is considered by so many public entities. This in-depth study of buildings reviews and evaluates aspects such as:

  • The facade of the building.
  • Structure.
  • Cover.
  • Common sanitation and supply networks.

All this represents a very important part of housing. Therefore, there are certain aspects that highlight its relevance and the need to carry it out, including:

Classify the deficiencies

Having control of what the Technical Inspection Buildings deficiencies are and what state they are in is extremely important for those who live in the building. In this way, you can know if the place is suitable or not to inhabit it.

Depending on the state in which these failures are found, they are classified as:

  • Very serious.
  • Serious
  • Mild
  • Without deficiency.
Technical Inspection Buildings

Define the time and actions to be performed

Once the status of the deficiencies and the classification of each of these are known, the actions to be performed and the maximum time to execute are determined. This is a key point of the importance of the Technical Inspection Buildings.

This gives the owners a clear vision of what should be done in the situations that arise. Either make roof waterproofing, repair balcony structures, joints, etc.

In turn, depending on the severity and the context in which they are found, they are classified into degrees that delimit the time you have to carry out the relevant work.

The degrees are:

  • 1: 24 hours to make repairs. The eviction of the infrastructure is required.
  • 2: In this case you have a maximum time of three months to execute the indicated actions.
  • 3: 12 months are given to perform building repairs.
  • 4: You have more than 12 months to carry out what is described and required in the report.
  • 5: Are those structures that do not need any repair.

It guarantees the safety and comfort of citizens

Those who live in any building Technical Inspection of Buildings have the right to live in a completely safe place. As well as free access and efficiency of basic services.

This is another reason that makes ITE very important. Well, through this report you can know the failures that threaten the safety of the inhabitants . Forecasts can be taken and repaired before an accident occurs.

In addition, it helps neighbors to have a sense of universal accessibility to evacuate the building quickly in case of an emergency. In turn, it protects the security of citizens, allowing them to enjoy these basic rights.

The efficiency of basic services guarantees the comfort of those who live in the inspected buildings. So the energy efficiency certificate gives rise to the full enjoyment of this service.

Also, general inspections protect the health of the water supply and common areas to prevent illness in citizens.

Guarantees the good condition of the buildings

The Technical Inspection of Buildings guarantees their good condition. Well, its review allows keeping the aspects related to:

  • Security.
  • Healthiness
  • Public Ornament

Through the report you can know the time at which repairs should be made and what exactly are the work to be done. What protects the general condition of the buildings.

This helps to maintain the investment of the owners and, to that it is not devalued by deterioration of the infrastructure. As well as contributing to the momentum of the real estate sector.

More people will be willing to buy floors in buildings that have a good ITE or have made the repairs there exposed. Well, infrastructure assessments are important.

An ITE also allows older Infrastructure to have longer life. Because at the time of making restorations and repairs, the buildings become safe and optimal to be inhabited.

This is the importance of the Technical Inspection Buildings. Remember that to have a reliable Technical Inspection Buildings you can.