Shutters for windows, types, advantages, and disadvantages

Shutters for windows, types, advantages, and disadvantages

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Since ancient times, shutters have been used to close windows from prying eyes and prevent unwanted visits by strangers. Nowadays, shutters are also popular, but not so much as a protective function, but to add beauty to the home. Shutters can also be installed if you have plastic windows. Visiting a construction supermarket, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of such elements in shades and texture: they can be monolithic sashes and roller shutter systems.

Shutter functionality

There are a lot of them. They are:
  • protect the room from direct sunlight;
  • protect window openings from strong winds, while maintaining heat;
  • have additional noise insulation;
  • warn against encroachment on personal property by criminals.
Shutters can open in different ways and from this they are:
  • swing (single-leaf or double-leaf);
  • easily influence the degree of illumination of the object;
  • roller shutter (a protective element is wound on a drum);
  • sliding along the guides.

There are also indoor and outdoor shutters. As a rule, high-rise buildings are equipped with internal shutters, and private households with external shutters.

Exterior shutters can be:
  • removable;
  • non-removable (stationary).
From what material they are made of, shutters are:
  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Shutters come in various forms, they can be lifted by rolling into a roll, they can be opened wide by means of the shutters, and after assembly, they have the appearance of an accordion. Each species has both negative and positive aspects. 

The shutters are made of blind and lattice metal, which are made of steel with colored spraying. Such shutters weigh a little, they are attached to the frame, installed indoors, and you can additionally attach locks to them. The weight of the shutters is minimal compared to the previous analog. But, despite this, they are reliable, as they are made of steel with an anti-corrosion coating. They perfectly complement the home interior, become a good element of decor, have a huge range of colors. They do not need repairs for a long time. You can install it yourself, but it is better to use the services of professionals.

Description of shutters and material of manufacture

Wooden shutters. This material is preferred to many others due to its naturalness. It has an excellent appearance, it goes well with the charms of the countryside landscape. In their manufacture, tongue-and-groove boards, slats, lining are used. The panel structure is pulled together with clamps, and then it is given the desired size. The inner side is secured with slats and the outside with hinges. To make these more attractive, they can be opened with wood stains. The only drawback of such a product is the significant price.

Metal shutters. Designed to protect the premises from encroachments and weather disasters. Such models are equipped with safety locks and latches, due to which they cannot close on their own. They are installed in summer cottages. In their manufacture, galvanized iron and steel are used. To avoid corrosion, the metal is coated with nitro enamel. Rollers are very popular both in the city and in the countryside. They are strong enough. They can be seen in residential buildings, offices, and shops. They are operated by buttons or mechanically, at the discretion of the owner. There is nothing difficult in their installation.

Plastic shutters. Or the well-known blinds. At first glance, they resemble a plastic panel with flaps. This type is installed indoors, attached to the walls with bolts. On the outside, they have metal trims. The mounts are also located on the inside. You can attach such a product to a brick, concrete, wooden wall.

Roller shutters and their advantages

Roller shutters have certain advantages over other types and metal grilles. They have:
  • protective function;
  • energy saving;
  • soundproofing;
  • dimming;
  • decorative.

Let’s dwell on each in more detail.

Protection function. They perfectly close the room from prying eyes in the daytime and prevent outsiders from entering at night. They have become widespread when closing garages, shop windows, shopping stalls, and so on. Vertical roller shutters cannot be opened by an intruder. But despite this, they are easy to open and close, roll up and hide in special upper niches.

Energy-saving function. They are able to reduce heat consumption and reduce energy consumption. They give you the opportunity to save well on space heating and cooling. On hot summer days, they reduce the penetration of light into the house by 70 percent, which reduces the temperature by an average of 10 degrees. In winter, they resist frosty cold and sharp gusts of wind. All this became possible due to the material used in their manufacture (inside they are equipped with a monolithic layer of polyurethane foam) and the presence of an air gap between the roller shutters and the window. If the roller is kept closed, then the heat loss is reduced by 30 percent. You can save on air conditioning and additional heating.

Soundproofing function. If your house is located directly in the city center or next to a noisy highway, then roller shutters will save you from constant extraneous noise. They are not only a blocking element from light, cold, heat, but also from strong street noise, making your home more calm and comfortable.

Dimming function. If the early morning light is bothering you, just bring your shutters closed and you can get more sleep on weekends. This feature is indispensable for those people who make frequent flights to different time zones and need some time to adapt.

Decor function. They are a great addition to both your home and office, they are a source of beauty, comfort, neatness and style. With the use of modern technologies, roller shutters covered with paint do not change color, do not deform when exposed to low and high temperatures. Their service life is calculated in decades.


These are the same, only installed from the inside of the room. They are capable of shielding window openings, they are durable. They are made of plastic or wood, environmentally friendly, practical, attractive, resistant to sunlight, do not need serious maintenance, have significant strength, and are compact. They represent a frame and panels that look like blinds, they can be folded, moved apart, hung. Illumination is regulated by turning the slats. They have some peculiarities:

  • consist of panels and a frame, which consists of one or more frames for attaching lamellas;
  • sliding shutters can move along the guides to close the panoramic window;
  • preference is given to wooden models. They are not so much deformed, they have a spectacular and rich look, they will last you a long time;
  • the shape of the lamellas is not always strictly rectangular, it can also be in the form of an ellipse;
  • arches and skylights can be safely closed with such shutters.

Shutters of this kind can be opened with varnish and paint, this will make it possible to use them in any interior. This will also provide an opportunity to extend their attractiveness, as well as provide them with additional water repellent and dust repellent functions. Such structures can be hung not only in living quarters but also in the bathroom, in the dining room, in the study. It can be used to close not only windows, but also use them as doors.

Types of material used

Wood. It is the main material for the manufacture of indoor and outdoor. Various types of trees are used. The preference is given to hardwoods, which are moisture-resistant and not subject to external influences.

The benefits include:
  • ease of installation;
  • multifunctionality;
  • attractiveness.
Negative points:
  • insignificant protective function;
  • high price;
  • subject to rotting without pretreatment.

Metal. It is steel that gives them essential protective properties. They differ in the type of construction and are:

  • shield;
  • roller shutters;
  • paneled;
  • shutters, blinds.

The protective qualities are strengthened by the safe internal locks. It can be decorated with forged decorative materials, therefore they are very attractive.


  • become an excellent barrier against encroachment;
  • have aesthetics and appeal;
  • multifunctional.


  • are expensive;
  • give in to corrosion;
  • require a powerful mount to be installed.

Plastic. They have excellent functionality, are lightweight, and can be used to decorate any windows. They do not need additional care, are practically not subject to external influences, and are harmonious in any interior.

Positive features:

  • low cost;
  • ease;
  • strength;
  • resistance to negative external factors;
  • elementary installation;
  • multifunctionality.

Negative traits:

  • the possibility of hacking even by non-professionals;
  • a small selection of options.

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