Security: How to protect yourself from burglary?

Security: How to protect yourself from burglary?

April 15, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Robbing an apartment is a nightmare for each of us. Just the thought that a criminal can get into an apartment and take out all the most valuable things while the owners are not at home, raises panic in our heads. We try to distance ourselves from these thoughts, fearing that they attract disagreement into our lives. However, there are still people who hope that this will bypass them. And there are those who insure security themselves against robbery as much as possible.

Statistics of burglaries show that more than 20,000 robberies were committed last year alone, of which 7,000 were robberies. This number is growing every year and the decision is up to you whether to continue to hope for a miracle or to take the necessary measures to prevent the robbery of your home. Therefore, the protection of apartments is in great demand.

Today we will talk about methods of protecting your property, but before I start, I want to tell you what thefts are and what to expect from them.

There are two types of burglaries

Accidental or jerky theft

Accidental or jerky theft is quite common among non-professional burglars who are used to stealing small things. The essence of such theft is that it is enough for the criminal to choose any door, to estimate the complexity of its breaking, and to listen, whether someone is at home. This is not a planned crime, but rather an impulse. 

Here they do not pay attention to who lives at the door, rich or poor – both are in circulation, as luck would have it. So do not think that you have anything to steal and you are not attractive to the robber, believe me, he will take everything that is “crooked”, and other property can be severely damaged in search of something more valuable. Such criminals work quickly and chaotically. They usually spend up to 20 minutes indoors, if nothing frightens them before.

Guided theft

Guided theft is a well-planned operation. Professionals already work here and there every step is clearly planned. They know that you can be stolen, that you are a person, and when you are not at home. A burglar sets up surveillance of your apartment long before the robbery. This type of theft is more dangerous because if you destroy the plan of the robbers and come home earlier, they can cause you physical harm. No one will perform a ceremony with you here, because the criminal knows what he is going for, and until he gets it, he will not go.

However, I want to reassure you. In both the first and the second case, robbery can be prevented, the main thing is to know the methods of protection of the apartment and property and the measures that can be implemented to make the criminal less likely to get your valuables.

Let’s look at methods of housing security, and what to look for:

1. Armored doors and windows with an anti-burglary security system.

This method does not give a 100% guarantee of protection, but the robber will take more time for the process of penetrating the room and there is a chance that someone may notice and scare him. Unfortunately, experience shows that if the burglar fails to break down the door today, he will return to try again tomorrow.

2. Security High-quality door locks.

Armored doors must have quality locks. Even if you put the most expensive and strongest doors, in the presence of weak locks, it will not help. To date, the most reliable lock is a hidden one, to open which requires a special application and fingerprints.

3. Safes security

I will say at once – it is not enough to buy the most expensive and strongest safe and put it at home. Even if the robber is unable to open it at the crime scene, he will take it with him. Everything you hide there will be confiscated one way or another. 

Therefore, when buying a safe, arrange in advance with a professional craftsman to install it on the floor or wall in such a way that it is impossible to get, break or pick up with a crowbar. Only then will the safe be a great place to store money and other valuables.

4. Video surveillance security

This is a great method for determining whether or not your home has been monitored. Remember that burglary occurs only after the evaluation of your home long before the crime. And video surveillance will help to see it, thereby taking additional measures for the security of your apartment. And if the camera keeps a record, then in the event of a robbery, all materials can be transferred to the rapid response team (GBR) and the police for a faster search for the perpetrator.

5. Security alarm

This is probably the only reliable way to protect yourself from robbery. While other measures only delay the theft and distract, in the presence of an alarm, the GBR arrives at the crime scene in minutes. Security of apartments in this way is the most reliable and reduces the risk of being robbed to a minimum.

Installing an alarm in the apartment does not take much time and the cost is equal to one full lunch, and the effectiveness is not comparable to any other method of protection against theft.

Security will not only protect your property but also take care of the health and lives of you and your loved ones.