Roof renovation: What does it give?

Roof renovation: What does it give?

June 1, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

The guide will tell you when a major roof renovation is necessary, when to decide on a pre-renovation inspection, and when to focus on repair.

Complete roof renovation

It cannot be denied that a complete roof renovation is associated with a fairly high cost. In addition, you often have to prepare for moving out of the attic, its appropriate protection against rainfall, and the removal of materials. This is why many investors are simply postponing renovation. Liquid roof membranes are an innovative solution. They can be used on almost any roof covering, and roof renovation is not as demanding as in the case of traditional methods.

Roof inspection

A roof inspection should be performed by a specialist. We can ask a builder or roofer for help. Thanks to this, we will know where the roof is leaking – we will observe damp patches on the slopes or the attic ceiling, locate damage to the covering, e.g. a bent roof sheet or broken roof tiles. It will be possible to notice damage to the gutters, various discoloration, dirt on the cover. It is very difficult to locate the source of the leak near the tarpaulin roof , so it is worth deciding to renovate the entire covering. 

A specialist should also check the cracking, twisting of the wooden elements of the roof truss and the condition of the flashing. The roofer will check the tightness of the ventilation space itself under the roofing. It will also help to properly locate the place of a possible leak. In turn, the constructor will allow to detect any shortcomings of the truss and issue an appropriate construction opinion. It is there that he will assess whether the old truss is sufficiently load-bearing and whether it will be able to bear the new covering, which may have a greater weight. 

Roof reparing

Sometimes it is enough to disassemble a part of the cover in order to get to the flashings. Later, they should be replaced or dismantled and reassembled with the utmost care. This treatment can effectively solve problems with a leaking roof. It is then not necessary to replace the cover with a new one. If the roof is finished with tiles, it is relatively easy to replace a few damaged tiles with new ones. However, it should be borne in mind that they may stand out from the others that are dirty or faded. 

The sheet metal cover can be temporarily patched. The roof can be cleaned and painted if necessary. It is worth additionally strengthen the truss without removing the cover, but it is not the easiest thing to do. During the roof renovation, we use only the services of proven, reliable professionals who provide a guarantee for the work they carry out.

The roof is a kind of barrier for the whole house – it protects against weather conditions. Therefore, its regular inspections are not only a matter of aesthetics but mainly safety. Roof renovation of the cover is inevitable when it starts to leak and water enters the living quarters, which can cause a lot of damage. Usually, the replacement of the roof is made when we want to visually refresh its appearance or adapt the attic to a usable attic

One of the reasons that determine the necessity to renovate the roof is the destruction of the roofing . In this case, the roof surface must be repaired as soon as possible to eliminate the risk of leakage

The purpose of renovating the roof is to ensure that the roof is watertight. For this, the roof covering can be removed and changed (tiles, slates, etc.). In the case of major repair, the frame has to be redone. It is absolutely necessary to hire a professional carpenter to have a safe site.

The overall cost of the roof renovation is relatively high. As a result, most homes tend to postpone this type of work. These aids, often cumulative under certain conditions, can drastically reduce the cost price of a roof repair project.