Rolling Doors Main Benefits

Rolling Doors Main Benefits

October 30, 2020 Off By Joan Padilla

What are the main benefits of roller blinds?

Our rolling doors are manufactured in our facilities. Made of galvanized steel and can be customized to fit any existing structure to match the aesthetics of your business premises or garage and provide you with peace of mind.

Our rolling doors blinds provide security for business owners and home or shack owners because they not only offer aesthetic solutions but can also generate significant savings in security.

Roller blinds | Security solutions

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Rolling doors blinds are considered a solid element to protect your premises, both commercial and domestic, against crimes of vandalism and theft. They provide preventive measures against this type of crime, while other security measures are only activated when the crime is in progress.

Protection against the storm

Windows and glass are at great risk from windstorms that displace flying debris, and rolling doors blinds help protect your windows from these ‘missiles’.

Solar protection

Rolling doors blinds offer protection against the sun and the intense heat it can generate, especially in the summer months. The sun and its rays can also damage furniture and its upholstery. Installing the roller shutters completely avoid the sun and its harmful effects in your home.

Energy efficiency

Rolling doors blinds are exceptional insulators and can keep your property hot or cold depending on the season of the year, and reduce dependence on power generators like heating systems and air conditioning units.

What safety aspects should I take into account when buying rolling doors blinds?

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When shopping for security roller shutters for your home or business, one of the things potential customers ask is about the security features.

Below is a list of safety features to consider when investing in safety blinds. These features and models help increase the strength of your roller shutter, reducing the possibility of damage to your property. Because there are many main benefits of rolling doors.

Two-piece rails

The two-piece track system is an important safety feature when purchasing rolling doors blinds. The two-piece rail system actively hides the fasteners from the outside, once the installation process is complete. This prevents anyone from manipulating the rails and accessing them by removing the safety shutters.

Deeper rail duct

A shallow rail increases the chance that the curtain will be forced out of the rail gap by a very strong and firm person. Having a bottom rail channel significantly decreases this possibility.

Edge clamping system

This rail system is one of the safest on the market. This is how it works: This rail system has grooves on the inside of the rail and hooks on the side ends of the curtain. If force is exerted against the curtain, the hooks grip into the grooves that further secure the curtain in the track channel.

However, this option is not cheap and is generally recommended for properties in high-risk areas or properties that have suffered a lot of theft, despite conventional security measures. We also recommend this product if you have very wide security shutters.

The edge clamping system was originally designed for storm protection, but we found it to be of great benefit for high-security applications as well.

Handing out the blind

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The wider the curtain, the less strong it will be in the center. That’s why splitting the shade is a good, inexpensive way to keep your security shades firm.

Basically, during the installation process, we divide the roller blinds into 2 or more sections, where each section is still managed by the same operator. There is an extra cost for the extra rails and the extra installation time, but it really isn’t much.


Installing roll-up security doors is one of the best methods to protect your property.

The old saying “You pay for what you get” is very true in this industry. When purchasing roller blinds, you should ask as many questions as possible and provide as much detail as necessary about your specific requirements so that your roller shutter manufacturing company can guide you to the perfect solution for your security needs.