Removalists: How to transport glass?

Removalists: How to transport glass?

March 4, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Porcelain, dishes, glass, and mirrors are the most fragile things that require particularly delicate handling when moving. Any negligence is fraught – chips and cracks cannot always be restored, and there is a risk of simply breaking a vase or mirrored cabinet doors. So, let’s figure out how to properly organize the transportation of glass with the help of removalists.

An important aspect for removalists is the packaging. However, it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of the vehicle. Much also depends on the type of property, each group will have its own characteristics.


Stock up on suitable packing materials, removalists may need bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and boxes.

  • Glasses, cups, wine glasses – wrap each item in plastic or paper. If the dishes have thin walls or protruding parts, it is safer to use bubble wrap.
  • Pack plates of the same size in a stack, separating the layers from each other with packing material.
  • Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box – tureens, salad bowls, plates. You can put small glass items on top – glasses, and glasses. Try to avoid voids so that the dishes do not move inside the box. If space remains, fill it with cling film, paper, cloth, or other suitable soft items such as kitchen textiles.
  • Be sure to label the boxes. Use the designation “glass”, “fragile” or the icon “glass”.
  • Do not use oversized boxes, they will be heavy and the risk of breaking the dishes will increase. The optimal size, for example, for small boxes from our online store.


Removalists category includes pictures and posters in frames under glass, as well as furniture doors with glass or mirror inserts. By the way, they must be removed from the furniture, packed, and transported separately.

  • If the mirror has a frame or a solid backing, skip to the next step. If not, be sure to protect the edges with a polyurethane profile.
  • Wrap the item in several layers of bubble wrap. Secure with tape.
  • The second layer is the corrugated board. Purchase sheets of a suitable size or cut a box for this purpose.
  • It is better to secure the corners of the paintings with the help of special protective corners.
  • Sign the front of the package. Any designation will do: “mirror”, “glass” or the icon “glass”.

Removalists Unusually shaped glass

This may include, for example, chandeliers or large figurines. In order to transport such non-standard items safe and sound, it is important to choose the right packaging.

Well, if the shape of the object is quite simple, and the dimensions do not exceed the size of the box – then just wrap the thing with air-bubble wrap and put it in the box. Use crumpled wrapping paper to secure the item inside the box.

But for removalists to transport a chandelier, for example, you may need to build a special box that is suitable in shape and size. For filling containers, it is best to use a polystyrene bulk filler. Its granules have a rough surface, due to which they “grasp” with each other, fix the object in the center of the box. And provide soft cushioning, protect against shock or shaking.

Of course, do not forget to sign the glass packaging accordingly.

Removalists General rules

  • It is necessary to transfer glass products carefully – do not shake, do not turn over, do not allow too sharp movements.
  • The transportation of fragile cargo involves the selection of a suitable vehicle. No awning cars! Only a metal van, the body of which is equipped with fasteners.
  • Mirrors are transported vertically. When transported horizontally, “flat”, cracks may form. Therefore, choose a truck with a suitable body height.
  • Transportation of sheet glass, window frames, large glass is best organized using a special vehicle – a pyramid.
  • Any glass and fragile items inside the body must be secured with straps. Do not allow other items to be placed on top of the crockery boxes.

In general, the rules are not that complicated. Quality packaging materials, knowledge of packaging technology, and a careful approach will help you transport glass to your new home without breaking it. And if you don’t want to risk it, just call removalists for help. Specialists are trained to work with fragile objects. And are fully financially responsible for the safety of the property that is pack and transport. 

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