Benefits of a pre-purchase building inspection

Benefits of a pre-purchase building inspection

January 10, 2021 Off By Natalie Leary

If you are buying a property, whether for residential or commercial purposes, it is important to invest in obtaining a pre-purchase licensed building inspection as part of the buying process. It does not matter if you are the one who is buying or selling the property, you can request a property inspection.

Your inspection can help you recognize any existing structural problems by looking at interior, exterior, foundation, frame, and outbuildings.

A new construction inspection ensures that the building meets the initial design plan, that the builder’s workmanship is of a high standard, and that the construction adequately complies with all national and local codes.

Completing an inspection will let you know if the building is in good condition or not. This also gives you bargaining power when bidding on the property.

What are the benefits of a building inspection?

Older buildings naturally develop problems as they age. However, not all problems and flaws are apparent to the inexperienced eye. The fully qualified team at Vital Building Inspections has extensive knowledge in all areas of the construction industry. Here we list the main areas your inspector will look for and how investing in a building inspection can save you money in the long run.

Interior and exterior cracking

Cracks can occur anywhere in the building, including the foundation, exterior and interior walls. This is usually caused by settling over time, poor workmanship, or poor quality materials.

Some cracks are considered minor and require easy repairs. However, more substantial cracking indicates structural damage within the home that can potentially lead to the collapse of walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors. Our experienced inspectors will be able to identify any visible cracks and identify signs that may indicate structural problems, saving you significant costs in the future.

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Water leaks

Poorly attached plumbing and fixtures, as well as leaky faucets and water stains on the ceiling and walls are indications of water damage on the property.

If ignored, water damage can weaken the roof or roof of the building, damage the flooring, ruin furniture, and cause mold growth. Often times, major damage can occur before visible signs appear. Our inspectors have specialized tools to identify leaks and water damage.

Outdated wiring

Not only is outdated wiring inconvenient, as old wiring may not be able to meet the power demands of today’s appliances, it is also a potential fire hazard. Environmental issues like dust, salt water, and hot conditions can all contribute to shortened life of your cabling.

Older homes may have old switch boxes with poor connectors that may not function properly. With modern families requiring more technical devices, the increased demand for electricity in circuits generates heat, which can lead to fire.

Rewiring a house costs thousands of dollars. When you have a pre-purchase inspection completed on a property, our inspectors will be able to advise you on the condition of the home’s electrical systems, which can save you thousands in the future.

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In Australia, termites cause more property damage than natural disasters. At Vital Building Inspections we are specifically trained to perform home pest inspections on properties throughout Sydney.

Termites cause damaging damage to Sydney homes and businesses, resulting in substantial repair and management costs.

While termite damage may not be immediately visible. Termites begin their damage from the inside out, leaving only a brittle veneer.

The properties of roofing wood, top plates, structural wall wood, doors and joints can be significantly damaged before termites are noticed. Some species of termites also feed on electrical and telephone wires.

By completing a pest inspection with Vital Building Inspections, we can identify signs of termite damage in the home. We also offer our pest inspections along with a building inspection as part of your property evaluation.

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Increasing humidity

In older houses, they were often not built with a wet salt course built into the foundation. This allows soil moisture to flow vertically to the property’s walls and foundations. Over time, the masonry and plaster of the house become saturated with moisture.

The salts are then deposited as the water evaporates. As this salt builds up, it draws in more moisture and causes mold to grow. If you notice that your home has signs of peeling paint, stains on the walls and ceilings, as well as moldy brick, these are signs of increasing saline moisture problems.

This damage causes building materials to weaken, causing structural damage, as well as providing an attractive place for unwanted pests to reside.

At Vital Building Inspections, our certified building inspectors use thermal imaging cameras, mold detectors, and other tools to identify rising moisture.

What to expect from the pre-purchase inspection?

The potential buyer of a property is usually the one to initiate a building inspection prior to purchase.

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Feel free to be present at the time of your inspection and ask your inspector questions and anything you are careful about regarding the property.

Our inspectors will look at areas of concern such as checking the operation of smoke alarms, asbestos problems, the presence of electrical safety switches.

We will also inspect all accessible parts of the property, including the foundation, walls, roof space, site, and outbuildings that may be present.

Once the inspection is complete, you can expect a vital report within days of the site inspection. The report will include:

  • Property status summary
  • Age of the building
  • List of the areas that inspected and the areas that are not inspected and why
  • List of problems identified
  • Any other inspection recommendation must be completed by a specialist
  • Repair recommendations
  • Any photographs required

Who are you calling?

When buying a property, it is very important that buyers research and locate as much knowledge as possible about the condition of the properties. By doing so, you can save thousands of dollars on repairs, as well as having the power to negotiate a better price overall.

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For the best quality, pre-purchase building inspections in Sydney, look no further than the Vital Building Inspections team. Our highly qualified and professional inspection team will help take the stress out of the buying process.

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