Motorbike Spares Maintenance For Better Performance

Motorbike Spares Maintenance For Better Performance

July 17, 2020 Off By Jeremy Dawes

All vehicles motorbike spares require a series of periodic adjustments. Regardless of the use it is given, we must carry out the maintenance of minibikes, pit bikes or mini quad, since it is as important to take care of them as knowing how to drive them.

Making these small adjustments will not only prolong the life of our minibike , it will also keep us safer and with less risk of an accident. In addition, with proper maintenance of minibikes we also take care of the environment.

Through a series of practices that must be done regularly, we can all have our mini bike ready. The proper maintenance of minibikes and mini cross should become a habit, whether we use it much or not, to avoid problems in the future.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Motorbike Spares Maintenance Tips

Tightening bolts, screws, and nuts

We should check motorbike spares regularly for bumps, cracks, or damage before they cause driving problems.

Brake efficiency and condition of your cables

We check the wear of the brake pads, the thickness of which must not be less than 1 mm. By doing this periodically we will not damage the discs.

Lubrication and chain tension

It is very important to have the chain always well greased and with the correct tension.

Tire pressure

You have to check before riding the mini bike, cold.

Air filter

Keeping the air filter motorbike spares clean will prevent dirt from reaching the vehicle engine. We must also lubricate it with a special filter oil .

Carburetor and cylinder

Occasionally we will clean the crab chamber and the cylinder of debris and carbon.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Clutch shoes

We must review them to verify that their thickness is not less than 1 mm , for proper operation.

Spark plug care

And replace motorbike spares it when necessary

Exact ratio

We must make sure to add the exact ratio of oil to gasoline. In the case of 2-stroke mini motorcycles it is 2% (50: 1).

Do not exceed the maximum recommended load

In order not to damage our mini bike, we must not exceed the maximum kilograms allowed.

Use advice

After using the vehicle, it is advisable to empty the fuel tank and the carburetor cup. This will help us keep them clean , especially if they are not going to be used again in some time.