Legal advice, Why does your company need one?

Legal advice, Why does your company need one?

June 27, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has taught companies around the world, it is certainly the meaning of the word PREVENTION. And, although we are still experiencing the consequences of this global crisis, many companies have already realized the need for corporate reorganization through legal advice.

The theme, by the way, has been gaining more and more repercussion in the corporate world, mainly due to the benefits that legal support offers to companies, in all sectors.

It turns out that, all of a sudden, organizations had to adapt to new realities: home office, isolation, social distance, reduction of working hours, among other significant changes.

It is a fact that, as they are not prepared to go through a crisis as extensive as the current one, therefore many companies went bankrupt.

Based on this premise, it is clear that not only relationships at work have undergone changes, but also the Law. And you don’t have to be a business expert to deduce that it’s virtually impossible to make assertive decisions without proper legal guidance.

Therefore, more than ever, legal advice is present in companies, because, if prevention and correction through a team of expert lawyers previously brought numerous advantages to entrepreneurs and their businesses, now, with the pandemic, it has this support is essential for companies to protect themselves from possible problems in all corporate fields.

In today’s article, we’ll show you what it is, the advantages, and why your company needs legal advice, especially in this time of uncertainty. We will give answers to big questions related to the subject, in a simple way, without legalese, so that you are well informed and convinced that you need to step forward to stand out in the job market.


Just to give an example, when a manager hires legal advice, he is hiring the service of a group of lawyers, each with a specific specialty. This team aims to provide technical support to the company for a period agreed between the parties. Therefore, during this time, the group of lawyers works to prevent and correct conflicts in which the company is involved.

And why is legal advice such an essential support for the company?

To answer this question, first, we need to ask other questions: how many times have you, the entrepreneur, needed legal aid in your day-to-day management? How many times did you have doubts when signing a contract with a new supplier? What did you do when a customer got upset? How did you act when an employee filed a lawsuit in the Labor Court? And, as a service provider, did you suffer a lawsuit for moral damages?

Chances are, you’ve already needed a lawyer for some or all of the situations we’ve mentioned above. Therefore, it is possible to have an idea of ​​the importance of legal advice.

It is a fact that we live in a time when competitiveness is fierce among companies. Therefore, the one that best qualifies and prepares for the challenges of everyday life stands out.

With this perspective, organizations have already understood that the new times require a series of improvements to leverage the business, optimize services and stay on top.

In other words, it’s not enough to provide good service. It is necessary to stand out among competitors, with good strategies that bring visibility, credibility, and prestige. So, the company must invest in sectors capable of showing great results.


Based on the premise that legal advice has a fundamental role in preventing and correcting problems for the company, it is understood that the advantages of this service are diverse. Let’s list some:

Starting with the availability of a team always available, the legally assisted company will be sure that this team will work on real cases, seeking solutions that are less harmful to the organization’s financial health, as well as to market relations.

Then we have the cost reduction with lawyers for every need. Just imagine having to hire a lawyer every time you need to solve a problem! With legal advice, there is only a contract with a team and its service package. Not to mention that with the advice, the relationship between lawyer and entrepreneur is closer. The legal team is aware of everything that happens with the company, enabling a more efficient performance of the legal profession.

There is the possibility of analyzing possible scenarios for each situation that requires attention, offering possibilities for resolutions, and showing the risks that a wrong choice can entail.

The manager is now confident when making decisions that define the company’s future.

The legal team can also help the company to create, or improve, a corporate guide in which internal policies are passed on to all employees.

And, finally, we have savings in expenses with labor lawsuits. Yea! When a company has legal advice, this team is also responsible for taking care that the company does not commit any mistakes with employees, whether through managers or leaders, much less than employees get into situations that may generate conflicts. Thus, the chances of lawsuits in the Labor Court decrease are great.

Reducing litigation, reducing labor claims.


The popular saying becomes very accurate when we talk about legal advice. That’s because it works with prevention and correction, always prioritizing the first.

As the current moment requires great caution in decision making, both for business and for internal relations, a general balance is needed, in which all possibilities are analyzed, in search of the most efficient.

The more the company takes care of itself, the more chances it has of going through a crisis with less damage.

Therefore, the role of legal counsel is to be present in all spheres of the organization, providing legal support, participating in the planning, and creating strategies so that corporate health is intact.