Flowers: How to open an online shop?

Flowers: How to open an online shop?

August 7, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

The field of online gifts has grown a lot in recent years. Within this category we can find flowers online, being a good gift to give to a very special person on their birthday, for Valentine’s Day, a friend, a mother, or any other person.   

If unfortunately, a very close person has passed away and we cannot attend the funeral, there is also the option of sending them flowers through the Internet.

More and more people are buying them through this medium: it is a comfortable, simple method and it may even be cheaper than in a lifelong florist.

The online flower shops have settled in the market. More and more entrepreneurs are succeeding with this type of business: if you also want to have your own florist before it is too late, we encourage you to continue reading to discover how to start this project.  

What to sell in an online flower shop?

If we do a first investigation of the competitors operating in the market, we obviously discover that the main product of online florists is flowers. However, there are different categories:   

Flowers delivered on the day:  are those that are delivered on the same day or, at least, 24 hours after the order is placed. They are perfect for a birthday or an anniversary. In short, they are more well thought out to surprise.

Flowers designed for different occasions:  these occasions can be very varied, such as a birth, anniversary, for friendship, to apologize, for bridal bouquets, for birthdays? It is usual for online flower shops to have special categories for each of these events.  

Plants:  Plants are synonymous with life, perfect for happy or sad occasions. It is common for online florists to sell different flower arrangements. We could be talking about a basket, a plant center, or even a small tree. To make it easier to find the plant you are looking for, online florists usually use categories such as autumn, winter, summer, spring, Christmas, indoor, outdoor plants, etc.      

For funerals:  these delicate moments are much more bearable with plants. They are a gesture that allows you to show support to the family so that they can accept the situation. In online florists, different resources are sold for this moment, such as funeral wreaths, centers and bouquets for the deceased, funeral pillows, flower crosses, among other resources. 

International plants:  it could also be that the florist classifies the flowers depending on where in the world they come from. This is ideal so that each client can have the exact plant they are looking for.

Pros and cons of selling flowers

Before thinking about how to create an online flower shop, it is important to sit down and start weighing the pros and cons of this sector, to see if it is worth it. Here we are going to analyze them:     


1. Very fast purchases

The buyer can get a bouquet of flowers, or any other item from your catalog, with just one click. You forget about having to go to the nearest florist, the queues, and any bad experiences. 

This saves you time: all you have to do is wait for the flowers you have already purchased to arrive directly at your home, or for the lucky people to arrive. 

2. Very intuitive system

Another reason why online flower shops succeed is that they are very easy to understand platforms: all you have to do is look for the type of flower you are looking for, check the image to see if it is what you want and read the characteristics on the datasheet of each type.  

Then you just have to add the flowers to the cart, proceed with the purchase and wait for it to arrive.

Even if the customer has never bought anything online, it will be so easy to do so that they will not have any problems.

3. Shopping at any time

Imagine the situation in which a person has forgotten the anniversary of their partner, or has learned of the death of a friend or relative and cannot go to the funeral.

Through online florists, it is possible to order flowers at any time of the day or night. Once done, it can be forgotten, knowing that everything will be fine.  

What is really interesting would be that the client could choose the time slot in which the order is received, thus making sure that someone will receive it.  

4. Delivery systems ready to transport the flowers

One of the biggest fears that exist when ordering flowers online is in relation to the state in which they will arrive at their destination.

Fortunately, now the means of transport are made available for even the most fragile items, such as flowers.

At the moment in which we see how to create an online flower shop, and the section on how to find a flower supplier, we should choose means of transport and those suppliers that work only with those who give us all the guarantees. It is interesting that they accept orders on the same day or in 24 hours.  


The truth is that there are few disadvantages to setting up an online florist. The only thing that could happen is that there was some kind of problem with the chosen transportation agency, hence the importance of knowing how to choose a good option. 

When choosing suppliers, in addition to knowing their characteristics, we should also know with which transport company or companies they work.

Who is your target audience?

To ensure that any project has an output, we will have to spend some time looking for our target audience or potential client

We refer to the user to whom the web is directed, the one who has the best chance of ending up making the purchase and repeating.

Although we have not discussed this advantage in the previous section about online florists, it is very important: the sale of flowers has many potential customers. When thinking about an advertising strategy for an online flower shop, we can address a single client or a large group.   

This type of product can be aimed at those who want to surprise a friend or a friend, someone who wants to thank a deal or a situation.

Any gift can be combined with some flowers.

It is the classic gift par excellence when romantic moments arrive, such as the anniversary of a couple, Valentine’s Day, or a special date. 

Can be used as a resource to declare our love or love. The classic? tell him with flowers?  usually works quite well.

If we have made a mistake, or we have had a slip, the flowers can also intercede to make it easier for them to forgive us.

Funeral services correspond to a sector that, obviously, will always exist. We can create an online flower shop dedicated to this sector. There are all kinds of products that can help in those delicate moments.  

These are just a few simple ideas about who can be the recipient of an online florist, but there can be many more. You will only have to dedicate some time to find that potential audience, create a personalized marketing strategy and you will see how good results do not take long to arrive.