Disability Maternity Care: Pregnancy and disability is it possible?

Disability Maternity Care: Pregnancy and disability is it possible?

November 22, 2020 Off By Rob Prosser

Children are our little miracle. The appearance of the child is expected, and the birth of the baby is most often very happy. However, there are cases that make parents think, is it worth it … What if mom or dad, or both parents are disabled from childhood and need disability maternity care? How to find out if it is possible to have children with a particular disease, and whether they will be healthy? 

It is worth noting that if a girl or woman ends up in a wheelchair after some disaster, and her partner is an absolutely healthy man, the children will be 100% healthy still needs disability maternity care. Some difficulties will only be in bearing the fetus and obstetrics. In addition, not all disability maternity care or hospitals undertake the management of pregnancy of women with disability maternity care, since they need to be monitored by several specialist doctors at once.

If a girl acquired a disabling disease during her own birth, grew up, got married, but her husband is healthy, the risk of hereditary disease is low, somewhere around 90% of them need disability maternity care. Cerebral palsy is not a hereditary disease but acquired during a dysfunctional delivery. Even if both parents have cerebral palsy, but of different forms, the risk that the child will be ill is only 20% out of 100.

Rather, the probability of an unfavorable outcome, the birth of a child with any pathology, depends on the environment surrounding the expectant mother, the daily routine, food, availability and duration of walks in the fresh air, and adequate sleep. Excessive excitement and nervous tension can harm not only a mother with cerebral palsy but also a completely healthy pregnant woman.

It is not recommended to become pregnant for women with congenital genetic pathologies and have disability maternity care, in addition, chromosomal mutations are often an independent obstacle to conception. Psycho-neurological and mental disorders, especially those that have not achieved drug compensation, are also a serious reason to think about the facts “for” and “against” pregnancy.

Although here, not everything is so simple: there were cases when a charming, healthy baby was born to a woman with underdeveloped short legs. And everyone was happy. But doctors warn that in these categories everything is ambiguous: there is a great risk, genes can appear in a generation or in two.

Disability Maternity Care: Where to start if you want to get pregnant?

How to start planning a pregnancy? First of all, you need to find a competent lawyer – a lawyer after having disability maternity care, to consult with him in order to protect yourself from intrusion into the privacy and personal territory of guardianship authorities, representatives of Juvenile Justice. They can, under any trifling pretext, remove a child after birth, even if the parents take good care of him, just because the parents are disabled. 

According to some government officials, disabled people pose a threat to children; they should not live with disabled parents. If one of the parents is disabled, this fact is still “allowed” as possible, but if both, the officials from the guardianship will try with all their might to take the child away from the parents. However, there are little legal tricks to keep them out of your apartment.

Only after that you need to go to the clinic to a neurologist or another doctor of disability maternity care who is well acquainted with your medical history, and talk to him. If the parents-to-be took some medicine due to illness, the doctor should help find a replacement among the sedative herbs, and switch to them. This should be done two to three months before conception, because withdrawal from the usual drug and switching to safer herbs may be accompanied by not very pleasant symptoms, for example, insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms. But for the sake of the health of your future babies, you can be patient.

Problems may arise with the choice of a gynecologist and a disability maternity care or hospital who will guide an expectant mother with a disability: not all doctors are ready to take responsibility for a disabled mother, especially with cerebral palsy. You will have to prove that you need it, that you can handle it, etc. Although there are good doctors, it is normal to treat people with disabilities at disability maternity care with understanding. If you are lucky and you will get to such a specialist, do not be afraid of anything, but boldly go towards your goal. Now it has become easier to find a doctor, as more and more disabled women are daring to have children.

After you find out that you are pregnant, do not become completely helpless: try to do housework, cleaning, even in a wheelchair, washing dishes, or dusting. Also, do the exercises while sitting in a wheelchair and lying on the bed. The more you move, the more air flows through the blood to the fetus. Open windows if you can’t walk outside often. Dress warmly, open the windows for a couple of hours, and take a book yourself and read aloud: let the child get used to your voice and manner of speaking.