Guide to choose the “perfect” pink diamond

Guide to choose the “perfect” pink diamond

March 4, 2020 Off By Mayur Bhatt

At first glance we cannot distinguish pink diamond between an authentic stone and an imitation, so it is best to evaluate the stone with the 4Cs method. Know it.

Are you about to take that big step and buy an engagement ring ? Or do you simply want to give a loved one a precious gift? Buying diamonds always represents a strong and subjective investment, but how do we know that we are putting our money in an original day and not in a fake one ?

At first glance, we cannot distinguish pink diamond between an authentic stone and an imitation, so the most advisable thing will be to go with the experts who, through an evaluation and scientific measurement, determine the quality of the jewels .

Miguel Hernández, Marketing Coordinator of Jewelers Guvier , explains that in the black jewelry market there are stones made with rock crystal , lead glass (paste), synthetic rutiles or cubic zirconium , and the most sophisticated produce copies of resin molds of large rough stones.

In an interview with , Hernández narrates that to obtain one day, first the stones are selected in the rough and analyzed to see which one has gem  quality . Those that do not meet the characteristics of gem are used for industrial products, while the gems are analyzed in systems to determine their possibility of cuts and polishes  that are made by hand.

Although Mexico is not a diamond producing pink diamond country and only markets them, there are many experts who, legally, have adequate diamonds with a certificate that guarantees that it was a good investment. In fact, people who carve and analyze diamonds, certify them and issue a document as if it were a birth certificate .

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Pink Diamond quality, 4Cs method

The American Gemological Institute (GIA), developed a method to determine the quality of carved diamonds, which focuses on 4 criteria called the 4Cs as a whole, for its acronym in English: Cut (Color), Clarity (Clarity) and Carat (Weight).

The expert joyer explains what each criterion consists of:

A diamond carves another diamond. The hardest stone is polished with diamonds and diamond dust to reveal the fire and life of the stone (qualities by which jewels are appreciated).

Being natural, diamonds do not always form pink diamond perfectly during their growth, stones can include substances that are not carbon and be damaged, which complicates carving.

The perfect diamonds are scarce, it is the art of the carver which achieves a gem of harmonious figure .

Following the carving, the size of the finished gem influences its value so the carver must control the weight loss in each phase.

Among the best known cuts of diamonds are: shiny or round, princess and baguette. The most complicated are: pear, heart, emerald and marquiz.

Colorless stones until slightly colored. diamond Ideally, diamonds are colorless , as it allows light to pass through it cleanly and transform itself into an aroiris of colors. The colors start from the most transparent letter D to a Canary yellow Z.

The color of a diamond is determined by a scale that goes from colorless (colorless) to slightly colored (slightly colored) and has to be observed in natural daylight, without sun or equivalent artificial light.

To value them, diamonds are placed pink diamond on a very white paper background and analyzed with cold white light to see how much the gem moves away from being colorless.

How many inclusions does the diamond have? Very small natural brands of diamonds are known as inclusions. The more you have and the smaller these are, the better the diamonds will pass through the light. Inclusions can only be determined under a microscope.

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Diamond 01

So you know what each abbreviation on inclusions means:

  • Fl without inclusions
  • Vvs very very small inclusions
  • Vs small inclusions
  • If small inclusions
  • P1 inclusions with the naked eye

Diamond Carat Diamonds are so special pink diamond that they have their own unit of measurement: the carat (other than the carat with which gold is measured that refers to the purity of its alloys). The carat weight was set at 200mg and is subdivided into 100 points per carat.

Carat weight is an important indicator of the quality and value of the diamond. A 1 carat stone is more valuable than a 99 point stone.

Tips to buy a pink diamond

– Attend a prestigious and well established pink diamond jewelry store, in case you need maintenance of the piece, you can go with confidence.

– Make sure you have a seal or certificate that guarantees that the diamond you are acquiring is authentic.