Bike shop: Thinking of opening?

Bike shop: Thinking of opening?

September 1, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

For some time the bicycle has been having a huge spread. It is used more and more as a means of transport and as a sport to stay fit. Technology has made significant strides and there are all kinds of bikes that meet the needs of everyone, from children to older people. That’s why deciding to open a bicycle shop is a great opportunity to make good money.

To start a business of this type it is necessary not only to be passionate about bikes but also to have technical and practical training so that, especially for the first time, you do not need to hire too much staff. Having some technical knowledge you can also manage repairs and you will be able to provide all the explanations to customers.

It is very important to keep up to date on the latest news in the field of technological innovations for bikes but also for the world of gadgets and clothing suitable for both professionals and those who use the bike for fun.
To open a bicycle shop you need a minimum investment that varies according to the type of premises, the warehouse you intend to have, and the items for sale.

Open a bike shop

To open a bike shop you need to complete some paperwork. First, you need to communicate the start of your business to the Municipality you belong to. Furthermore, we must request the opening of the VAT number, and then it is mandatory to register with the business register of the chamber of commerce.

To dispel all doubts it is good to contact the trade associations and consult an accountant who deals with the tax part.
Before opening, you have to decide if you want to also dedicate yourself to bike rental; in this case, it is good to carefully evaluate the city where the activity opens. Bike rental is usually a very popular service in both seaside and mountain resorts; less popular in cities unless you think of renowned centers frequented by students or tourists.

It is essential to choose a suitable venue: large, with ample space and in a busy area. We need to aim for a place that gives the possibility to exhibit the vehicles even outside and with one or two windows that are used to display bikes and clothing. The place must give the possibility to create a workshop for repairs, so it is necessary to have space for machinery and spare parts.

For repairs, if you do not do them yourself, rely on a good mechanic who is able to solve problems effectively and quickly.
The street must be very busy and central, especially if we aim at the rental and sale of accessories and sportswear. The place must have an adequate and clearly visible sign.
To be successful, it is good to have a large assortment of bikes; today on the market there are bicycles for walking, for professionals, for children, and finally electric ones. This means that the type of clientele is quite varied and by adopting the right techniques you can greatly expand your income.

A good idea is that of small repairs and maintenance that allows you to build customer loyalty; the sale of accessories is also growing a lot. Just think of the helmets, the supports for carrying children, the jackets and the wide range of sportswear. As for the type and brand of bicycles for sale; the most correct way to tackle the issue is to try to have a little bit of everything: from big brands to unknown ones in order to be able to meet all types of customers. 

Find out from the big manufacturers how they usually work, if they impose sales programs, and how they behave with unsold vehicles. Furthermore, it is important to try to establish a compromise between the bikes in the shop and those in the catalog;

Another possibility to start a bicycle shop is the franchise or decide to ask for the support of an already established shopkeeper. By opening some kind of branch of the main store you can increase the profits.
We must not forget the importance of the launch of the new store with billboards, flyers, and advertising.