Bicycle: If you want to pedal, knot your nerves

Bicycle: If you want to pedal, knot your nerves

January 24, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bicycle. Of course, it is very important where you use it. Another important factor in choosing a bike is its price. Today the choice of bicycles is very large and the market for them is expanding every day. There are more stores and sites, brands and brands too. 

This question may well be asked by any person who has not previously had anything to do with a bicycle or simply does not know much about them. And this is a common problem because he must serve a person constantly and please him. So what to do and how to choose a bike if you don’t know? We will tell you in this article.

Where do you start?

Many people who want to buy a bike for themselves often ask this question. Indeed, this is very important, because a bicycle, despite its simplicity, has many parameters and functions that perform completely different tasks. Therefore, before deciding on a choice, find out what types of bicycles there are in general. And there are several of them. 

Bike types

Now let’s take a look at the main types of two-wheeled vehicles and find out which ones are for what.


The name of this bike speaks for itself. It is suitable for use in a city, and maybe in another settlement, where there is a more or less even road surface. This is the most common type of bicycle. And this is quite understandable. It will suit a person of any age and build. You can ride it without even having any special skills. 

On it you will not be able to break speed records, show tricks or drive over rough terrain, but you will comfortably get from point A to point B. Such bicycles are most often made light, with comfortable saddles and a steering wheel. There are gears on these bicycle, and they shift quite smoothly, but not quickly. Wheels are of different diameters. The pluses include:

  • The optimal number of speeds.
  • Convenience and comfort – for city driving – the very thing.
  • Wide price range, suitable for those who do not have a very large budget. 


Here, too, the name speaks for itself. This type has large and thin wheels. The special shape of the steering wheel sets it apart from other models. The steering wheel is made in such a way that you feel comfortable on a long journey. It is most suitable for long journeys on the highway and its driving qualities are revealed precisely over long distances. Outwardly, all road bikes are very similar, but their internal design is different. Because of this, road bikes are divided into classes. 

Classic road bike

This type of road bike is designed for speed riding. Their entire structure is designed for maneuverability, speed, and the least wind resistance. Perfect for short high-speed distances. The model, as a rule, is as lightweight as possible, and therefore it is not very stable, but it gives maximum sharpness when cornering.

 Like all road bicycle, the classic model features tall, narrow, stiff-spoked wheels. The width of the wheels is usually 28 mm, but there are other variations, it can vary from 18 to 28 mm. The steering wheel of the classic model is located high enough, which gives more responsive control.

These bikes are great for long trails with curves. It is better not to go into the forest or off-road on such a device – the suspension is not intended and you would rather put your bike out of action than get anywhere.


This bike is a variation of the classic road bike. Outwardly, it almost does not differ from the classics. But there are still changes. The frame has been changed, the fit on such a bike is higher, the wheels have wider tires up to 32 mm, improved shock absorption. 

Endurance is a more comfortable version of the road bicycle. It is more comfortable to ride than the classic model, it is more stable and the extra cushioning allows for long journeys. It should be chosen by those who sometimes travel outside the city, and also this model will be chosen by a user who loves speed and values ​​comfort.


  • Improved shock absorption
  • Improved fit and frame
  • Wide wheels
  • Comfort and stability


There are no downsides to this bike, as such, except, possibly, speed qualities. He’s not the best in this component among road racers.


This option is great for travel. Copes well with long journeys. You will feel comfortable. They have an increased carrying capacity. It also performs well on asphalt and dirt roads.

 Externally very similar to vintage bicycles, mainly due to the straight long frame and tall narrow wheels with 28mm tires. It cannot be compared with the speed of the classics or endurance and not as passable as warming, but he does not need it. 

A touring bike was created for travelers, therefore the most important qualities for it are comfort, reliability, confidence so that the cyclist can stay in the saddle without rest for as long as possible. And of course, what is very important for tourists is the increased carrying capacity.


  • Lifting capacity
  • Comfort


Of the minuses, I would also like to highlight speed, but he does not really need it. Another disadvantage of the road bike is its high price. Although it is definitely worth it, the main thing is to decide what exactly you expect from this model.

 So, as you already understood, the road bike offers four variations that can be used in a wide variety of conditions. Yes, all of them are mainly made for lovers of quieter trips, but still. There is a suitable model for everyone: both for the lover of speed and for the leisurely traveler. 

Mountain bike, aka bike 

Outwardly, of course, it is still the same bike: wheels, pedals, steering wheel – everything is in place. Differences in the features of the design itself. Wide pedals are a must, you can even opt for a bike with a foot lock. In no case should the pedals be slippery, it can be traumatic. The brakes must be very reliable, variations with motorcycle brakes are possible.

 Large diameter wheels are at least 26 “, although there are 24” options. Some of the differences are also improved shock absorption and a powerful, reinforced frame. These bicycles usually have not one, but two shock absorbers – front and rear. This allows you to easily overcome obstacles and land without fear of recoil. 

All of these tweaks are aimed at improving safety and cross-country ability, which is very important when using the bike in mountainous areas.


  • A large number of speed modes, usually at least 15 of them. This is what allows you to go everywhere since you can always accelerate, or slow down and thereby stretch yourself. 
  • An excellent brake system – disc, hydraulic, or rim. 
  • The presence of suspensions to improve shock absorption.
  • Cross-country ability – it can go anywhere and maneuver even in the smallest areas.
  • Reinforced Frame – Most often it is interconnected and has struts to be stronger.