Accommodation – What to do?

Accommodation – What to do?

July 10, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Arrival and departure

When you arrive at your accommodation, report to the reception. They indicate from what time you can leave your apartment or room. Keep in mind that this is often only after 4 PM. The check-out time from your apartment or room is often at 10:00 AM. You can inquire about the exact check-out time at the reception. For most accommodations, it is necessary that you pay a deposit on the spot. 

Under the heading ‘facilities’ at the relevant accommodation, you can see how much deposit is required. If you hand over the apartment or room in a tidy manner, you will receive the deposit back. If there is damage to your apartment or room, you will not get the deposit back. The payment and refund of the deposit is always a matter between you and the accommodation provider. 

Accommodation: Facilities

At the relevant accommodation under the heading ‘facilities’, you will see all facilities. Sometimes costs are charged for a number of facilities. This can be, for example, for the safe and WiFi. It is also possible that the air conditioning is only on for limited and fixed hours per day. Some apartments have sofa beds. These sofas may be less comfortable than regular beds. This also applies to the 3rd bed in a double room.


In many hotels, it is important that you wear appropriate clothing during dinner. You are not expected to appear at the table in beachwear.


At the reception, you can almost always rent a safe for your valuables and important papers. This can also be 1 general safe. Please note that there may be charges for using a safety deposit box. You pay these costs on the spot.


At your holiday destination, other insects and animals occur than we are used to. Such as cockroaches and ants, for example. The presence of these animals is often not a sign of insufficient hygiene. Due to the warmer climate at your holiday destination, these animals often thrive. Therefore, pack your food well and preferably store everything in a refrigerator.

If you suffer from vermin during your holiday, you can buy a van of pesticide on site. Always inform the tour guide and/or the reception of the accommodation, so that they can help you get rid of the unwanted visit.


When you make your booking, you can let us know your special wishes. This requires the cooperation of the accommodation owner. In practice, it appears that an accommodation cannot always meet a preference, keep that in mind.


Under the heading ‘care’ at the accommodation, you can see which care is included in the travel sum.

Lodging: overnight stay only. No meals are included.
Bed and breakfast: overnight stay and breakfast. The care starts with breakfast on the day after arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure.

Half board: overnight stay, breakfast, and dinner. The care starts with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure.

All-inclusive: overnight stay, all meals, local alcoholic and soft drinks, and often snacks. The care starts when you check in and ends on the day of departure when you check out.

Meals are usually served buffet style. Sometimes this is a (choice) menu. The meals are adapted to the customs of the holiday country. This means that these are different and often simpler than you are used to at home. Breakfast is often limited to a sandwich, some jam, and a cup of coffee or tea. Dinner is simple, contains a limited amount of fresh vegetables, and is not always varied.

If you use a special diet, we will inform the accommodation. Especially the simple hotels do not always take this into account. Meat substitutes as we know them are often not available. 

If you miss a meal due to late arrival and/or early departure, no refund is possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a discount on your travel sum if you do not want to use the meals that are included.

Also, keep in mind that in some countries different rules may apply regarding the serving of alcohol.

Water and electricity

Water and electricity are not yet everywhere at the level we are used to. The voltage is sometimes lower and it is possible that the power goes out for a short time. Hot water production is often done with the help of so-called solar collectors. You may only have a small boiler.

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