Accommodation: Hotels, apartments and other options on vacation

Accommodation: Hotels, apartments and other options on vacation

January 16, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

Accommodation is one of the most important issues to consider when planning any trip or vacation.

Depending on the budget of the accommodation and personal preferences, everyone decides for himself where he will stay.

1.Hotel. The most common, simple, and convenient option for staying during holidays and travel is a hotel. Everything is very simple here: if you are not traveling on a tour, then on the Internet on the site for booking a hotel, choose a city, dates of stay, book a room and arrive at the hotel at the appointed hour. The hotel is obliged to provide you with a room in accordance with the information on the website and take from you the amount indicated when booking. 

2.Apartment or flat. Over time, got tired of hotels, and decided that it was worth trying to rent apartments while traveling. In order to find an apartment, you need to select the item “apartments” in the filters on the site. The advantage of renting an apartment is its cheapness compared to a hotel (especially inexpensive resorts), the ability to call in a large company, the presence of a kitchen with dishes, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. In addition, you can rent presentable apartments, where you are not ashamed to invite partners for negotiations.

3.Villa accommodation. For lovers of comfort and luxury, renting a luxury villa or even a castle is perfect for a vacation. Renting a villa reaches 600 dollars per day. Our people prefer to rent villas which start from 35 dollars per night for two people. The rental price depends on parameters such as distance from the sea, the presence of a pool, the size of the villa, season, or off-season.

4.Hostel. The cheapest accommodation while traveling is the Hostel. The hostel is a hotel with a large number of beds in the room, the number of which ranges from 1 to 18! Rooms can be either mixed, where boys and girls will live together, or separate, where there will be only men or only women. Usually, hostels are located in historic city centers, a hostel is not expensive at all: 5 dollars per person per night.

5.Couchsurfing – free accommodation. Today Couchsurfing is the most comfortable and popular way to stay free while traveling. Couchsurfing is a website where people from all over the world are registered who are ready to provide free accommodation in their accommodation to foreigners, as well as those who want to travel and spend the night for free. To do this, you need to register, and when you want to go somewhere, you write to people who are ready to receive guests, if they agree, then you get the opportunity to stay with them. 

6.Tent and camping. Surely, many of you in childhood went camping with accommodation in a tent? Thanks to new technologies, tents are now inexpensive, lightweight, and quick, and easy to set up. 

7Housekeeping. There are several major sites that specialize in services such as housekeeping. It’s very simple: people leave for a while, their houses are empty, but your duty is to look after the house: dust, keep an eye on the garden, take care of flowers, take care of the cat, in general, do small household chores. You get the whole house at your disposal! It’s great to live in some romantic place in the open air and completely free!

8.Yacht. There are many advantages to living on a yacht: not only can you travel for free, but you still don’t have to pay for the night! There are several sites that recruit travel. But keep in mind that when recruiting for a crew, you need to meet certain requirements: you must know at least English, you must not have seasickness, you must be hardy and will be required to perform certain tasks on the yacht. You will also need to discount on food. It is possible to live completely free of charge on a yacht if girls are recruited for the cruise so that they brighten up the sea trip, there are also such offers.